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As a young Mama to an unplanned baby, my prenatal story has been no joyride! Sure, it looks like an adorable life outside looking in, but we newbie mamas are a tad unprepared. Before delivery, all my thoughts were focused on my life to come, how it would affect my personal and work life, with not even a speck of an idea on postpartum recovery.  

When D-day finally hit, I was simply relieved at a successful delivery and even excited for this new life. Little did I know that postpartum hits you unbeknownst and at an unpredictable speed. The baby blues along with the sheer physical recovery kept me in tears day and night. They tell you that the chills are normal after delivery. What they don’t tell you about is the horrible sting every time you pee, constipation for days (if you’re not eating the right food or hydrating enough), and the hemorrhoids that follow shortly. It becomes impossible to even sit. 

Some other postpartum symptoms I experienced were irritability, restlessness, anxiety, anger, loss of interest in activities, mood swings, panic attacks, and more. Do not feel alarmed since I was able to defeat most of these horrible symptoms with the help of some extensive research and support from my family.  

This is when I began to take the comfort of likely Mama reliefs such as sitting cushions, witch hazel, cooling pads, and sitz baths. With these amazing remedies, I felt an urgent need to educate the to-be mamas so they would not have to go through this turmoil of postpartum recovery. I had slowly gained knowledge about the kinds of foods to eat to complement lactation or problems revolving latching or sore nipples.  

And I helped a lot of Mamas. Sure, they weren’t all happy with the details I engorged them with, but they thanked me, nonetheless. And it was these Mamas that helped me breathe life into Mamacare! 

To all the newbie Mamas out there that I may not know, I am here for you. I’ve got your back! 


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About us 

The world esteems women as superheroes. They applaud us for giving life and helping move generations along. They marvel at our strength and endurance, our ability to love unconditionally. And often, in lieu of this ‘nurturer’ image, they seem to forget the complications associated with postpartum. 

What does ‘postpartum’ mean?

All those baby mamas out there are probably unaware of the definition, significance, and essence of the word ‘postpartum’. In fact, the new world has very recently stumbled upon the concept to make it popular in parent circles. 

First, let's define postpartum. A postpartum period refers to the duration after a child’s birth. In mama world, postpartum recovery timelines can include depression, weight gain or loss, insomnia, lactation problems, sore nipples, stretch marks, recovery pains, and more, and more and more! (trust me, the list almost never ends)

Most new mommas should be conscious since postpartum recovery periods last for at least six weeks or more. You must not compare your symptoms and journey with other new mothers since each postpartum experience varies. When a woman learns of her pregnancy, she worries herself searching the web for baby care, maternity products, baby growth, pregnancy care, and more. But she forgets about postpartum recovery. 

Mamacare’s role is simple. We aspire to educate and prepare novel mamas in advance so they can expect easy and smooth postpartum recoveries!

How can Mamacare help?

Fret not, ladies! Mamacare will facilitate products for women going through postpartum recovery. We carry out thorough research on relieving postpartum fixes in the form of novel products which are super cool and efficient. 

Our agenda is rather simple: Nurture the nurturer! 

Who helps the unprepared gaggle of mamas survive? Who provides them with fun, cool, and efficient fixes during postpartum recovery? (I’m not going to spell it out for you!)  

Let me clue you in, it's us! We can help you achieve a successful postpartum experience with our revolutionary products, the likes of which the market has never seen. These fresh ideas focus more on giving simple comfort to the mama as she plows through her daily chores with much difficulty. 

Mamacare likes to think of everything. New mamas can now find breast compresses, disposable underwear, lactation tea, soothing balms, nip covers, and much more. You can head over to our products page to understand our products in detail before you choose to purchase them.

We want to help you through your fourth trimester and make you feel human again. 

Congratulations, it's a MOM! 



Mamacare credentials 

Our baby, Mamacare, came into existence on July 21, 2021. This is significant since the company was born from the uneasy experiences of our founder who also found herself struggling with postpartum recovery. 

She needed the world to know about these precocious remedies she had scoured the internet for. More so, she wished for all her fellow mamas to have access to natural products that could relieve the myriad of postpartum symptoms and recovery issues. 

Mamacare fashions our products with natural resources ensuring no reactions or additional chemicals enter the mother’s body. We only specialize in postpartum products and guarantee ‘next day deliveries’ to all our prospective clients. 

You can also make use of our blog, through which we aim to educate baby mamas on postpartum recovery tips, postpartum recovery exercises, and more so they may be able to think for themselves as each new problem presents itself. 

Parting thoughts

It is ideal for new mothers to keep postpartum recovery checklists, and it’s a literal cherry on top if you include some Mamacare products in this particular checklist. The list may hold everything from ice packs to witch hazel, to a postpartum recovery belt even. 

This written rendition of mama reliefs can save you from panic when your psychological state is suffering, and the excellence of our products will get you all the way over the postpartum threshold. 

We ask for your trust and nothing more!



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