Women led Start-ups: Sinitta Balchandani, Founder Mama Care

by Sinitta B

Women led Start-ups: Sinitta Balchandani, Founder Mama Care

March 8, 2022 | By Zubina Ahmed 

The start-up ecosystem has witnessed several changes — from making the field inclusive to encouraging women to lead the change. We interviewed some inspiring startup founders about their business journey, success and what they learned along the way.

Sinitta Balchandani, Founder Mama Care tells us about  how her start-up brand is conceived to make postpartum recovery easier!

Tell us all about your success journey in building your brand/startup so far?

The journey to building Mama Care has been extremely special. The idea came about from my own personal experience with postpartum. It took me a few years, but I am proud that I used my weakness (my experience) to my strength by establishing this brand. Started to help other mothers to be, I am very thrilled to see the reception Mama Care has received in just a few months of it launch. As a young mom, I did not know what to expect after the birth of her child.  After a long and excruciating journey postpartum, I took it upon myself to ensure that no new mom goes through the same turmoil and that is how Mama Care came to life. We are currently working with several hospitals, midwives, doulas, and other post-natal care brands to make sure we are reaching out to all the women who are about to deliver. 

What are the offerings from your brand? How do you distinguish yourself from the rest of the market?

Currently, Mama care is the only brand is the market that is providing all the postpartum products under one roof. Usually during pregnancy everyone focuses on the baby and plans for the baby’s arrival, with little or no focus on the mom or the plan for postpartum. That is where we come in, we are here to look after the mothers, to make their recovery journey easier. 

To make it convenient for first time moms, we have curated 4 boxes. ‘The Birthing Box’ has all the hospital bag essentials, ‘The BFF Box’ has all the breastfeeding products a mother would need, ‘The V Box’ includes all the necessities to help recover from natural birth, ‘The C Box’ has products to support C -section recovery and lastly ‘The ME Box’ wherein a mother can customize her own box with the products of her choice. 

As we look ahead to a new year, what are your future plans and vision for your brand’s growth and expansion?

We are new in the market and are working on establishing ourselves in the UAE, but we plan to further expand in the Middle East and India.

With March being the Women’s day month, how women entrepreneurs like you are making their mark in the startup ecosystem.

Women are natural leaders and have been making their mark as entrepreneurs for a while now. We have been breaking barriers with unapparelled achievements and strength. I believe women can successfully adapt to situations and hence when the world was going through a pandemic several women-owned businesses came about.  Fueled with passion, a lot of these businesses are not only providing job opportunities but also solutions and products which are truly game changers. 

The startup ecosystem has been dominated by male entrepreneurs for the longest time and it was a rare sight to have females as part of the founding team. How essential is it to encourage women more often to enter the male-dominated sectors like businesses?

It is extremely important to encourage women to be able to do whatever they desire. No profession is created for men or women, and we need to understand and practice that. Staying in a wonderful country like UAE, there are abundant ways to start a company. The government has facilitated so many amazing options for women to be become business owners. Entrepreneurship allows women not only to be self independent, but strike a work and personal life balance. Women are organized, driven and take calculated risks and hence  entrepreneurship is the way to go!

Do you think if more women enter into businesses, the more value influence is created in the community? Is the ecosystem evolving, the mindsets are changing? Elaborate

Most definitely! We can see it happening, so many women now have their own start-ups, supporting each other and adding so much value to the community. Statistic prove that women run companies have generated higher revenues and fostered a better work culture. Women truly make for the best entrepreneurs since they value opinion, engage with their colleagues and are very organized. These qualities set them apart and lead to long term success. Nurturers by nature, women today like to see other women around them grow which makes them invaluable in any set up. With a large appetite for respect and growth, we are here to be equals and great leaders. 

Is entrepreneurship an innate quality in women as they build a home and that is nothing short of being an entrepreneur?

Absolutely! While home and business have their differences, they also have a lot of similarities. Both need to run smoothly while keeping a check on the finances, preferences, and growth. At home you follow a budget to fulfil all its members needs and happiness. While at work you are investing your money into your idea and service with the intention of converting into sales along with employee and customer satisfaction. These are the leadership and management skills which make a great entrepreneur. Add compassion to this recipe and you have a winner. Personally, I am grateful to have been around great women, who have supported me, picked me up and helped me get here and I would love for the opportunity to do that for anyone who needs it. We are team players and that’s what sets us apart!


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