Postpartum Recovery with Mama Care - Peta Al Akawi

by Sinitta B

Postpartum Recovery with Mama Care - Peta Al Akawi

Welcome to Friday’s Child – The podcast on a mission to educate, empower and support you on your parenting journey.

I’m your host, Peta, a British expat who’s been living in Dubai for 10 years and first time Mama to my gorgeous little girl Mavia.

Each episode, I’ll be speaking with a different incredible guest from Childbirth Educators, Parenting Coaches, Infant Sleep Specialists, Weaning Experts, Entrepreneurs and more, and we’ll be discussing all areas of parenting and beyond.

Today’s episode is all about postpartum recovery which is a topic I don’t think gets spoken about enough. My guest today is the Founder of Mama Care, an amazing company that recently launched here in the UAE that creates boxes for Mums to Be with everything they could possibly need for their postpartum recovery, whether that be for a vaginal birth or c-section. They also have a box for Breast Feeding filled with products to support you and baby on your feeding journey.


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