Mama Care, a brand conceived to make postpartum recovery easier!

by Sinitta B

All your fourth trimester essentials under one roof
Sinitta Balchandani

Born with the concept of ‘Nurture the Nurturer’, Mama Care is here with thoughtful and significant products, to help new moms make their after-delivery chapter much easier.

Founded by Sinitta Balchandani, Mama Care is the outcome of her own personal journey. While having a baby is an amazing experience it is also very demanding on every level — physically, mentally, and emotionally. As a young mom, she did not know what to expect after the birth of her child. While everyone advised on the needs of the baby, she was ill equipped to deal with her baby blues and physical pain. After a long and excruciating journey postpartum, she took it upon herself to ensure that no new mom goes through the same turmoil and that is how Mama Care came to life.

Created by a mama for new mamas, the home-grown brand is here to help mothers feel heard. Depending on her delivery method, a new mum can pick a box with must have products tested by new moms. The boxes have been divided into the method of delivery ‘The V Box’ (vaginal delivery recovery box), ‘The C Box’ (c-section recovery box) along with the ‘The BFF Box’ (Breast friend forever, a breastfeeding box). All the products from the boxes are also available individually including long island lactea (lactation support Tea), soothing nip balm, cozy lap cushion, healing Gel, no sting bottle, all night maternity pads and more.

“Everyone usually only focuses on the pregnancy and the health of the baby, but neglects the physical and emotional wellbeing of new mothers. Including the new mother herself, who is too busy thinking of her baby’s needs, that she forgets to pause and think of what her body is going through. My aim with Mama Care is to provide easy access for products required during postpartum recovery and educate women with correct information about their bodies after giving birth.” Adds Sinitta Balchandani, Founder, Mama Care.

Mama Care boxes also make the perfect gift! The products have been carefully placed in each care package to help the new mom ease her postpartum pains. This unique gift is sure to make the transition into new motherhood as seamless as possible.

Preparing for baby’s arrival? Don’t forget to prepare for your own recovery post-birth!



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