Gender Reveal And Baby Shower Gift Ideas

by sinitta bajaj

Gender Reveal And Baby Shower

Gift Ideas 

Who isn’t a sucker for parties? And especially when held in the honor of your babies. Nowadays, gender reveal parties are all the rage. Surely, we’ve known of and enjoyed baby shower parties with the never ending gifts and tea and cake services. 

Such parties prove to be a final bash before the parents are busy taking care of their babies. And the gifts are probably what they look most forward to right? 

But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First, let's talk about gender reveal parties! Don’t you just love the concept? Even if you may not be expecting yourself? The sheer joy and anticipation on the parents’ faces when they come to know if they are welcoming a prince or princess. Yes, a moment is worth a thousand pictures! 

Many gender reveals seem to have themes as we progress and evolve. There are such fresh ideas, and with the diversification of the baby party scene (lol), it is all the more difficult to choose the right gift. 

Now, we’re assuming you’re friends with such a lovely couple and in need of some dire assistance. We’ve got you! 


Gift ideas

Unless you’ve had a baby yourself, consider yourself a novice in baby shopping. This is important since you probably don’t want to give dear friends something they can’t use, eventually wasting away the opportunity to help them. 

Some couples may have a registry, in which case, phew, right? But if not, then get ready to dive into a pile of products you’ve never heard of before.

Gender reveals can be tricky! Not in the obvious way you’re thinking, but in a way that they might not be the final party for the baby. A gender reveal is smaller than a baby shower, and larger than a ‘we’re pregnant’ party. 

And the gray area may confuse you as to how much you should spend, what you should get, and where you can shop from. Confusion, confusion, confusion. Don’t worry, it's not only you. Up until this point the parents are in confusion on what to buy and not too. 

Before we get into the details of what to gift for a gender reveal party, let's get into the fun of the concept. Our favorite happen to be themed gender reveal parties! Some parents choose Mario Kart, some Frozen, and some just some plain old wrestling between the uncles of the baby (adorable right?). 

If you’re worried you’re going to have to go by the theme, you’re wrong! The themes or even the gender of the baby have nothing to do with what and what not to gift. Of course, you’d be wise to pick gender neutral colors, unless the parents are woke enough! 

Follow our list of THOUGHTFUL baby shower ideas and gender reveal gift ideas, and you may yet be saved. Before you get into the list you must know we are specifically targeting gifts for mothers only since most guests will show up with baby products after all. Your to-be-mom friend will appreciate your thoughtfulness toward her for sure!


  • Breast milk jewelry 

Whaaaaat!! We know how peculiar that sounds, but also sentimental and very thoughtful. Did you know you could preserve your breast milk in the form of jewelry (this of course cannot be used, it is simply for decorative purposes). Yes, you can now help your friend treasure the bond between her infant and her with the help of delicate and elegant jewelry. You can visit Zeel Jewels for the same!

You can help craft their breast milk in gold or diamond in the form of earrings, rings, pendants, and more! 

breast milk jewellery

  • Baby sleep services

Chances are your friends will probably not be getting much sleep once the baby comes. This is why, getting them a gift card for some baby sleep services may be a huge boon. 

The baby sleeps, the parents sleep, that’s the motto for new parents! You may purchase a sleep guide for the parents as well, which will help them with the details of the processes they can pursue for a better sleep regimen for the baby. 

In the case this gift option appeals to you, you can check out Savvy Sleep

New born sleep

  • Maternity/newborn photoshoot

Aw, just talking about this gift idea makes us want to swoon! Do you not want to be responsible for the most epic pictures your friends take with their baby? Or even without, in the case of a maternity photoshoot. 

Getting some touching, spontaneous, and warm pictures can be a great start for a new family. If you need maternity or newborn photoshoots in the UAE, you can visit Isabel Posadas Photography for the best images. 

We also love Paper boats for the same!

maternity photoshoot


  • Maternity clothes & evening gowns

This is most definitely not what you’re thinking. We know you probably don’t want to gift a regular maternity gown to your friends. We’re talking about a maternity gown on rent! Allow us to explain. 

In the event that another one of your friends is gifting the couple a maternity shoot, you can help provide lovely apparel for the same. You have plenty of websites in the UAE offering lavish  maternity gowns on rent, so your pals can have the maternity shoot of the century! 

Where might you obtain such services? NO better option than Lush Bumps!

rent maternity dress


  • Pre & Postnatal Yoga classes 

How would you feel if you could provide some meditation and much needed stretching to your friend? Yes, you can choose to buy them a couple yoga class, or a maternity yoga class to help them prepare for labor better. 

Ellie Higgins Yoga is one such prenatal yoga class in the UAE with a myriad of options such as baby massages, birth workshops, yoga, of course, and more! 

These classes could also be used as postnatal yoga classes in the UAE for postpartum weight loss and pelvic floor health.

pregnancy yoga

  • Pelvic floor physiotherapist

Your mommy friend is in dire need of a pelvic floor physiotherapist! We’re not joking! She can surely benefit from an appointment for the same. You can arrange for her to have a pelvic session where professionals can help her prepare for labor and delivery and even postpartum.

This seems to be a very thoughtful gift since it's taking care of the mama instead of the regular ‘baby’ shower gifts. Pelvic Floor Dubai is a great pelvic floor therapist in the UAE, you can visit their page here

Postnatal physiotherapist
  • Parent coaching sessions

Rather than getting your friends a hoard of thick books to read, you can help them get involved in a more conversational and detailed course on parenthood. Such courses assist expecting parents mentally. This may show your friends you care about their journey as parents and are here to support them. 

There are online courses for the same, in case they are uncomfortable stepping out. One of the best parent coaching classes in the UAE is The Scottish Soul Sister. Here, you can avail the best parent coaching classes in the UAE. 

parent coach

  • Hypnobirthing and birth preparation course

We just keep knocking it out of the park with our gift ideas for baby showers! If you’re a parent, you know hypnobirthing. If not, then you must know it is a technique used for labor and delivery. But you must know if you decide to gift them a course, its the best gift you can give!

There are many fabulous doulas in Dubai UAE from who can book your course from. They provide a four to six week course on the challenges of birthing, and aim to help couples have a calm, confident, and comfortable natural birthing plan. They also offer doula services for birth and postpartum for you to hire!

Its very important that the couple connects with the doula and everyone we are about to recommend below are ones we can vouch for. Their warmth, love and support is what a mom would definitely need during birth.

Our most beloved and trusted doula that provide birth preparation courses:

Malaak Mama & Baby care - by Cecile De Scally

Belly Baby mom

The Dancing Birth



  • Maternity clothes 

You certainly don’t want your friends shopping in the H&M maternity section, because as hep and cool their clothes, they are not a maternity specialized brand. Therefore, a good choice for maternity clothes can be a boon for the mother. 

This includes everything from dresses, swimsuits, tops, jeans, joggers, and more. Are you now in a bind about which is the best maternity outlet in the UAE? We’ve got you covered. Visit Mummyista now for the most fashion forward and comfortable maternity clothes!

  • Childcare workshop

Childcare providers are very common in today’s time, and if you’re a parent, you’re well versed with what they offer. If not, then let us tell you that childcare providers help parents with matters such as babysitting, night/day nurses, sleep training, prenatal/lactation assistance, and more. 

You can simply book a workshop with them, and your friends are likely to learn a great deal from the same. Are you looking for childcare providers in the UAE? Visit Malaak Mama and Baby Care to learn more!


  • Prenatal water based workout

Have you heard of this one yet?

Aqua bumps by Swimming Wonders is the perfect and safe way to exercise whilst expecting in the water, offering not only the benefits of exercise but also relief from a number of common pregnancy aches and pains.

Water provides a natural resistance to challenge your muscles and supports the body avoiding high-impact exercises. It is an ideal way to prepare your body and mind for the arrival of your new baby.

Their amazing coaches are highly qualified instructors and specialized in prenatal water activities.

All in all water yoga classes are beneficial and a lovely experience for expecting mothers and therefore the perfect baby shower or gender reveal gift. 


  • Mom & Baby classes

Doesn’t that sound just adorable? Jokes aside, massages can be very beneficial to your baby in terms of circulation and relaxation. Some massage classes also teach the mothers the correct strokes and movements for their babies. 

Louise Atkinson, known as @doula_la_la offers such a course where parents can meet other friends, learn valuable tips on baby massage, and get to go out, really! Louise also offers other courses and classes on hypnobirthing, dad baby massages, and more. These courses are mostly 3-5 weeks long, so you may choose the best for your friends. 

  • Pre -Post  natal Pilates 

Now this is a particularly fun one for your friend to-be-Mum! Think about it; nobody wants to go to the gym, or take a run, specially when pregnant. And what better exercise than Pilates?

This could be an exiting way for your friend to meet other pregnant mothers whom she can lean on through her journey and even after. Prenatal Pilates can make the mother’s pelvis stronger and prepare her for a smooth birthing process and even recovery. 

For the best prenatal Pilates in Dubai you can get in touch with Ellis who is mama of two, specializes in Pre + Postnatal Pilates, is a birth doula and also teaches Barre & Pilates at My core studio. They offer the best prenatal Pilates classes. So book away for the best gender reveal or baby shower gift!


  • Pregnant mom’s retreat 

How would you like your friend to have an outdoor yoga retreat? You heard that right, nature, friendly to-be-moms, a gracious host to guide you and just good vibes.

This can prove to be a very appreciated gift for your friends since mommy gets some me time among likely friends. Not just that, she can learn and enjoy the paradise of sound healing and surviving pregnancy. Good food, good location, good vibes. That’s what Om Moms offers you! Ellie Higgins offers yoga and other prenatal services you can check on her Instagram page

If your looking to gift a luxurious overnight heavenly weekend with or without your birth partner for hypnobirthing, prenatal yoga and pampering, beyond wellness retreats are the one. You can check then out here

So hurry and avail the best prenatal yoga retreat in Dubai! 

  • Pelvic floor muscle healing specialist

Even if you don’t understand the essence of a pelvic floor specialist, your mommy friend will. Before and after pregnancy, this particular service can be beneficial for easy birth and recovery. 

Such courses not only help restore the pelvic floor but can also educate the mother on how it functions and what each symptom means. The 4-week core and restore course at Le FitMom is the best choice for pelvic floor healing in Dubai.

They also offer other exiting course that you can choose from to get the best gender reveal or baby shower gift!

  • A doula

A Doula is the best gift you can give to your expectant friend. They are very helpful before and during labor and help moms prepare for D-day! 

You must know that a doula is not a health professional but a companion through the last stage of pregnancy and during and after labor. Your friends can lean on their experience and advice proving to be a good way to prepare for the baby. They are told to be the right hand of the mom or even the partner and help couples have a stress free, informative and comfortable birth.

Trust us; your friend will thank you for years for this!

Here's a curated list of our favorites:


The Rebalanced Birth

Belly Baby mom

The Dancing Birth




  • Non-alcoholic wine

Even if you can enjoy all the alcohol in the world, your mom friend hasn’t had some for a while. And trust us, she’s not too happy for it! 

Sometimes, taste is just enough. Or even the mere thought that they may be drinking alcohol. Small pleasures is all pregnancy is really about! The best non-alcoholic drinks in Dubai can be found at DrinkDry. So get your mommy friend a couple of bottles to lift her mood for her gender reveal or baby shower!


  • Childcare and mama care products 

If you’re contemplating on gifting the mother or baby some helpful products from the market, you may have carried out some research. 

Of course, deciding what you want to give can be an ordeal, but once you have, you need to pick the right brand off the shelf. What if we told you there was a Shopper’s Stop incarnate for baby and mama products?

Maison Tini is one such umbrella brand that provides several different brands of baby and mother care products under their roof. You can choose anything from toys, furniture (for the baby), fashion, mealtime, baby care (soaps, towels, shampoos, clothes) , mothercare, and more. 

We also cannot recommend The Crib enough. Crib slang for ‘home’, is a multi-brand retailer that offers high quality, sustainable brands for its customers. If your searching for unique items that are made of natural materials, uniquely crafted, and inspire curiosity in young minds, this is the place to shop from!


Now friends

We could go on and on and on. But we hope we were able to put things in perspective for you. 

If you identify as a terrible gift giver, it's maybe time to get rid of that tag since our stellar suggestions will not let you down. However, you must also be perceptive of your couple friend in order to tell what they need and not. 

A couple may be having twins, or triplets so keep your eye out for the same. 


Parting thoughts

Even if you’re yet unsure of your baby shower gift or gender reveal gift, you must know that it's the thought that counts. You can head to Mamacare for some amazing postpartum gifts for mothers. These can surely be considered for baby showers or gender reveal gifts as well. 

Happy gifting!