Products you need to successfully breastfeed

by Sinitta B

Breastfeeding BOX - Your Breast Friend Forever!

 Breastfeeding newborn

Breast pain is but a frenemy for most mamas out there. Desperate mothers find themselves scrambling to curate breastfeeding help so they can care for their breasts in the right manner. If you’re reading this you don’t need to do any of that since we already have. Yes, we’re talking about a readymade breastfeeding essential box you can have delivered right to your doorstep!

The most popular issue that comes up with new and even acquainted mamas is that of breastfeeding. There are an array of little complications associated with breastfeeding, and we are going to educate you on the same. 

Many times, mothers are overly stressed about their babies not getting enough milk. Remember mother, breastfeeding is a choice and your baby’s stomach is teeny tiny. It is okay to not want to breastfeed, it does not make you an abysmal mother. 

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But before we dive into our Breastfeeding Box, let's become familiar with breastfeeding and the problems associated with it. 

Nipple pain and care

As stated above, breast pain is a likely tormentor for many mothers. This is especially crucial to the initial stages of breastfeeding. You are sleep-ridden in a hospital bed, tubes sticking out your arms, pain engulfing you, and they want to drag you off to teach you all about latching. 

The pain comes when the milk comes. In simpler words, your body begins to generate colostrum before milk. Doctors recommend that new mothers learn all about latching before that happens. The pain is usually down to sore, or cracked nipples, piercing nipple pain, and more. You must also educate yourselves on what the different kinds of pain mean, you can check out the same here!

Don’t alarm yourself when you read about the breastfeeding challenges online. You can seek help from mama essentials such as breast masks, nipple balms, nipple shields, and more

You can also search the web for the right postpartum recovery exercises, which can further improve how you express colostrum. 

Overfull breasts and clogged milk ducts

Engorging or overfull breasts can also lead mamas to feel uncomfortable on an ungodly scale. This discomfort can hamper your daily chores and is likely to cause infection, making you unwell. It generally happens when you take long gaps between feeding sessions or the milk hasn’t properly begun to flow, causing latching problems and more. 

In these dire situations, you need a helping hand and also someone to take the burden of the hours of research off your head. To put you on the right path - products that can help are warm breast compresses, lactation massagers, lactation tea, etc. 

Post feeding pain and care

Mamas, you must note that the weird prickly sensation you feel after breastfeeding is normal. It is known as the milk ejection reflex or let down. However, most moms bear more painful reflux symptoms. They feel pain deep in their breasts, especially when milk production is at its peak. 

No use crying over spilled milk (LOL). Breastfeeding products such as nip balm, warm compresses, soothing nipple sprays, and breast masks can provide comfort post-feeding and accelerate breast health.

Now that we have discussed the physical symptoms associated with breastfeeding, we can proceed to talk about our Breastfeeding Box


A curated checklist covered and delivered to your doorstep

We weren’t lying when we mentioned our Breastfeeding Box is a carefully crafted checklist for all those breastfeeding agonies. We love you mamas just as you love your babies, and just as it’s your job to soothe them when crying, feed them when hungry, or change them when dirty, it’s ours to execute Mamacare. 

 We will first acquaint you with the list of breastfeeding products for moms we provide:

  1. Nursing pillow
  2. Nursing cover
  3. All natural lactation tea bags
  4. Saline nipple spray
  5. All natural nipple balm
  6. Breast massager
  7. Breast mask
  8. Colostrum collector
  9. Warm/Cold breast compress
  10. Disposable nipple pads

Don’t worry, we will explain and show you what each of these products is so you can match it with your needs. All in all our Breastfeeding Box is a lovely postpartum recovery gift for a new mom!

1. Nursing pillow

A nursing pillow often also termed a feeding pillow, helps you enhance the breastfeeding process. The pillow can be used as an easy and comfortable spot for your baby. 

Step 1: Place your baby on the bend of the C, ensuring his/her back is against the soft pillow, their legs pointing towards the opening. 

Step 2: If the breastfeeding position is uncomfortable, you can lay back. 

Mamas find haven under this essential postpartum product as it bears the brunt of the baby’s weight, leaving mama freer in comparison. 

Are you convinced about where to buy a nursing pillow in the UAE? There’s more…

2. Nursing cover

How would you like to feed your baby in style? Our elegant, soft, and discreet nursing cover can provide full coverage to feeding mamas. The cloth is specifically designed so you can feed your infant unconsciously, taking care of the sides and the backs. 

Our lovely material is neutral, machine washable, breathable, and is fashioned as a cape, so you may at least rock a decent outfit while you’re at it. If you’re a working mom, you can carry our cover as a scarf since it is so light and convenient - you can pump away in the office with assured discreteness. 

3. Lactation tea bags

Surely, you would have heard of a long island iced tea? But I bet the others aren’t giving you lactation benefits! 

Our lactation tea bags are formed with essential herbs such as Fenugreek, Milk Thistle, Fennel Seed, Moringa, and more. The mixture of these herbs improves milk supply in the mama’s body, proving fruitful for the baby as well. Kick back with a tea and a good book while your body readies milk for your precious!

You can further see the benefits here!

 4. Saline sprays

We’ve all heard or previously used messy saltwater soaks, and let’s be honest, it really is a task! Our saline spray is more evolved! An easy spray-on bottle, so you can just spritz and chill. 

Saline is known to hydrate and heal the skin quickly, which is why new and old mamas have used saltwater soaks for years. Blocked ducts seem grave when you’re uncomfortable, and our saline spray can help heal your nipples. Simply apply the spray to your nipples and let it air dry. Repeat as desired to see the best effects. 

You will also do well to try this remedy if you have cracked or sore nipples.


5. Nip balm 

Why, indeed, would you need a nip balm? To avoid or soothe latching pains, to moisturize and heal, or to rid yourself of cracked or sore nipples? Yes, yes, and, yes. Nip balms have many benefits, another being how compact it is. Carry it with you to the office, a day out, traveling, and more. 

Our nip balm consists of organic ingredients such as Virgin coconut oil, Shea butter, Turmeric, etc. as we aim to provide all-natural remedies for our mamas. Don’t worry about your baby ingesting the balm since it contains no petroleum, parabens, preservatives, or artificial fragrance. 

It is a carefully concocted balm to give you mamas relief from dry or cracked nipples before and after pumping or feeding. 

6. Breast massager

Another product on our breastfeeding checklist is the breast massager. Does that seem odd to you? That’s right, you now have the option to massage your breasts to stimulate milk flow and release clogged milk. This little product can also come in handy when you’re feeling overfull!

In addition to its benefits, the massager is also waterproof and rechargeable, along with being portable, of course. We fashion our little caretakers with medical grade silicone; they are also BPA free! 

That incredible hot shower paired with a thorough breast massager (since it’s waterproof) is exactly what you need to access those milk ducts (such as near the underarm). It’s certainly a more viable option than an electric toothbrush, which, let’s be honest, most of you ladies have been using anyway!

7. Breast masks 

We like to lovingly refer to our breast masks as a spa for your breasts! They’re that good. Packed with aloe vera and collagen, these masks help hydrate and soothe your breasts. This should be a priority on your essential items list since it takes care of engorgement, cracked or dry nipples, and pain. 

How to exactly use these masks, you ask? Well, it is quite simple; apply a sheet to each of your breasts and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Rub the excess serum into your skin and air dry to witness the results for yourself!

Consider this your ‘me’ time, or perhaps an animated makeover for your breasts. Not only will you feel soothed, but your breasts will heal quicker!

8. Colostrum collector 

Pay attention newbie moms, we’re going to define colostrum. Colostrum is the first stage of breast milk and presents itself in a thick, yellow, or thin and runny consistency. It’s what comes on the first day of breastfeeding before the mom begins to produce milk. Rich in nutrients, protein, and antibodies, it serves well in the baby’s health progression. 

Our colostrum collector gives mom the option to express and collect colostrum in a safe and easy-to-use storage solution. You will find along with this collector a soft silicone nipple that you can attach to the storage tube to feed your baby more efficiently. 

In some instances, mothers experience colostrum in their 36th week of pregnancy and onward. It is wise to collect the same and store it in the refrigerator for when the baby comes. 

9. Warm/cold breast compresses

Ladies, we really think of everything! The Breastfeeding Box includes a pack of these warm/cold breast compresses. You can now heat or freeze these crescent-shaped soothe bags as per your needs. 

The neat, reusable compresses come with a small cloth to use as protection against the too hot or too cold compresses. You can warm up your compresses by heating these bags in boiling water - another option is the microwave; just pop it in for 15-20 seconds. Isn’t that thrifty?

To freeze your breast compresses, you can put them in the freezer for fifteen minutes or more as desired. Mommies don’t have to worry about aching and full breasts now since these compresses allow milk stimulation and unclogging, along with offering instant relief! 

Moms can also use these compresses during and after pumping or feeding for maximum comfort. 

10. Nipple pads

We are with you if you have constant thoughts and worries about leaking spontaneously. All new mothers go through these woes, and it's okay to slip up once now and then. 

However, let us shave away a little of your stress with our nipple pads. Think of them as diapers for your breasts. They are highly observant and can be held in place with the assistance of adhesive tape. 

If your thoughts are now flitting to comfort, you’re all set to go in that area as well as we offer stellar quality and comfort. 

We hope our breastfeeding checklist was able to grab your curiosity and quench some of your fears related to breastfeeding. All can be managed safely and fine if you have the right tools at hand!


Summing up on Breastfeeding Box pointers!

When you round up all the products and benefits of our Breastfeeding Box, you will realize that we have compiled for you a step to step guide on taking care of your breasts. You can also note that the Breastfeeding Box takes care of all breastfeeding ailments we listed initially!

Do not waste your time over trivial or amateur remedies you see online, instead, choose our fine collection of breastfeeding products. 

It is indeed your Breast Friend Forever! 

The repeated use of all our essential items can help keep your breasts healthy and happy so you and in turn, your baby can have a thriving time!


Breastfeeding - The protein powder for baby building

While we leisurely discuss the ways ailing mothers can relieve themselves of breastfeeding problems, we must also learn about the benefits of breastfeeding. For the baby AND the mom. 

Breastfeeding contributes to a child’s cognitive growth, brain development, and socio-emotional growth, leading doctors to recommend breastfeeding for six months after birth at least (there is no particular limit, each mother’s journey differs). Mothers feel the effects of breastfeeding through mood swings, stress, and some good, maternal care. The feeding process brings the mama and baby closer!

Mom’s milk is full with the nutritional goodness of protein, vitamins, and fat - basically everything your baby needs to grow. It fights bacteria and viruses in the baby’s body, along with preventing illnesses from common colds to ear infections, diarrhea, and respiratory illnesses. 

The following list contains the advantages of breastfeeding for babies:

  • Steady immune system
  • Respiratory illnesses - pneumonia, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and whooping cough.
  • Bacterial meningitis - infection in the membranes that protect the spinal cord.
  • Lesser bowel issues - acid reflux, constipation, and diarrhea. 
  • Provides antioxidants and enzymes. 
  • Contains soothing substances
  • Helps prevent your baby from becoming a picky eater. 
  • Lower risk of eczema. 

It’s not a wonder they refer to the Earth as our mother since breast milk is literally an elixir of growth and nurturing. Having been breastfed appropriately as a child can further decrease the risk for cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular complications, brain imbalances, and so much more. We can’t stress enough how important breastfeeding is!

Mothers feel the effects of breastfeeding in a completely opposite manner. Their path also treads the psychological benefits breastfeeding can facilitate. 

Breastfeeding releases soothing hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin that can leave the mother feeling positive and stress-free. It’s astonishing to note that breastfeeding causes mothers to lose at least 500 kcal a day, helping her shed some of that postpartum weight. Psychologically speaking, it also boosts the mom’s self-esteem and confidence.

We like to call breastfeeding the Dalai Lama of human interactions! Breastfeeding means a calmer baby, body wellness, and a sound family equation since your young is not irritable or fussy. More so, the trust it builds between your child and you is unparalleled; it builds on the baby’s trust instincts. 

Listed below are some more advantages breastfeeding has for mamas:

  • Assists the uterus in returning to its original size.
  • Fewer risks of developing anemia.
  • Prevents breast and ovarian cancer. 
  • Lowers postpartum depression. 
  • Fewer chances of contracting a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)
  • Helps build cues between mothers and babies.
  • Lower risk of osteoporosis. 


Silent query - Is my baby getting enough milk?

Whatever you’re doing in terms of your breastfeeding regimen will present itself to you as an after effect in your baby, and your own body too. You must lookout for these signs to tell if your baby has been feeding to his/her potential. 

  • If your baby is not fussy within 1-3 hours of feeding. Babies make their demands known by crying, being irritated, or licking their lips. You see any of these signs in your baby, you prepare to feed them. 
  • Babies must not lose too much weight post-birth. If they are, you are not breastfeeding enough. Consult a doctor if your baby continues to shed weight. 
  • The day takes you through 6 dirty diapers. If you’re counting less, your little angel is not fed enough. 

Women also over concern themselves with thoughts on whether their bodies are producing enough milk. Add breast and nipple care to your hair and skin regimens to stimulate milk flow; you can try lactation tea, breasts massagers, etc. 

Many mothers fail to gather support during breastfeeding; they find themselves physically tied to their infants in every way (never a bad thing). This lack of support may make you irritable or frustrated, but we are here to support you through it. 

Mamacare products can ease your journey and help you care for yourself so you can care for your baby!