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The Birthing Box - IG Midwife edition

What consists of a hospital bag checklist for a laboring mother? Having all the right essentials is paramount for efficacy. 

Well, Julie Aka IG Midwife from Kings Hospital Dubai is here with a curated postpartum recovery list for you! 

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If not us, trust the Midwifes & Doulas!


Created by Women for Women.

We've created each box to ensure that it helps every mama through her postpartum journey.

For the nurturer club out there!

Being a new mom is hard along with the many painful experiences a woman goes through after birth. To top that the psychological changes, mood swings, sleep deprivation, and more; a woman’s gotta live right?

The mere effort it takes to scour through the internet to see what brings relief for particular symptoms can be frustrating. To all the newbie moms reading this…Get your glorious selves back in bed, or more likely run around the house frantically trying to accomplish the many chores on your list! 

Don’t even think about making a trip to the medical store for any of those postpartum recovery products. You have Mamacare for that!

We know postpartum is no gentle breeze, it's more like someone setting a leaf blower off in your face. This is where we come in! Mamacare is your one stop shop for all postpartum recovery items. 

We curate postpartum recovery products that are hard to source or expensive. We offer affordable smart solutions  to help with quick postpartum recoveries. Our natural, thoughtful, and stellar collection of postpartum recovery products is sure to keep new mums satisfied and comfortable. 

We guarantee next day deliveries across the UAE so we can offer our mama customers relief instantly. 

Think of us as the silent elves working on your shoes in the middle of the night because trust us, Mamacare can be your crutch to lean on when you’re running low on the mama meter!

Head to our products page and choose from a variety of postpartum essentials. 

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We have firsthand experience at our sides!

You might ponder over why you should choose us. Why not the many other postpartum or mother care websites? 

We are the first and only organization in the UAE market caring for the mamas. You will find unique and innovative products on our shelves. But wait, there’s more…Our venture stems from the personal experiences of our founder and has been her second baby. She has felt just like all you new moms are feeling. 

From this dedication and innovation, she has built Mamacare from the ground up, filling its essence with efficient products guaranteed to make the postpartum recovery process easier. She wants newbie moms to care for themselves as they care for their babies. Mamacare is what precisely all mothers need! 

Our products range from birthing boxes (essential items for post-labor care), breast pads, lactation tea bags, postpartum belts, breastfeeding pillows, mattress pads, and much more.